How to handle Bullying

How to handle Bullying

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How to handle Bullying: For the bullied and bully of all ages compiled by Ilze Alberts, founder of Bella Vida.

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How to handle Bullying: For the bullied and bully of all ages compiled 

I share with parents, teachers, care takers and any adult who is eager to learn how to develop a new approach to handling and understanding bullying.

To demonstrate that the two parties in the interaction are actually attracted to each other by forces of nature that demand that they each learn important life lessons. The bully needs to learn more respect for others and the bullied need to learn more respect for self.

It is this mutual need to learn from each other that draws them together. Although it is not a conscious process it is a powerful one.

By doing the exercises in this workbook the attendees will develop a deeper understanding of the bullying phenomenon so that intervention for self and others will happen more consciously and with long lasting empowering results.

The stressing in every blessing, for the genius sees that every stressing has an equal and
opposite blessing.

To equip the attendees with life skills and a better understanding of human behaviour and human potential.

To have powerful tools in your toolbox to assist self and others to have powerful,
masterful, beautiful lives.

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